Monday, April 11, 2011

Palau Day 3

I won't be as descriptive as I was in my last post, but just try to talk about the high points and share pictures and videos.

We only did two dives this day, and our first dive was Ulong Channel.  This was a super cool dive site, with a really strong current.  Which means we saw a LOT of sharks!!!  Plus, drift dives are just really fun.  We used reef hooks on this dive, which were big fishing hooks that we stuck into the reef and that had a rope coming off of them that we attached to us.  We were basically leashed into the reef, which meant that we could just float in the current and enjoy seeing everything, rather than use up a bunch of air and energy fighting the current to swim or stay in one place.

The photography was definately a bit better this day than the day before.  At one point, I moved my head all around me and counted 18 sharks.  It was unbelievable.

We had lunch at Ulong Island.  This is apparently where the cast of Survivor lived when Palau was the location.  It was beautiful, and I think being stuck here indefinately would be the best thing ever!!

Our second dive of the day was at a site called Siaes Corner.  This was a really pretty dive, with a lot of beautiful colors and coral.  The current kind of picked up towards the end, and we ended up using our reef hooks again.  That's when we saw the spotted eagle ray.  He stayed with us for a long time.

Later that night some of us went for dinner at Kraemers, which was just a short walk from our hotel.  I had been to Kraemers when I'd been to Palau before.  In fact, one of Stef's good friends when she lived there is Jane, who is the wife of the owner.  I'd met Jane before and was excited to see her again and see if she remembered me.  It was fun to see her and we took a picture for Stef.  Plus, the food was just AMAZING!!!

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