Monday, April 11, 2011

Palau Day 7

Well, this was our last day of diving in Palau.  And those of us that were still diving were bound and determined to make it a good one.  So, we decided to check out German Channel again, try a new site called Big Drop Off and end it all with Blue Corner.

We took some shots on the boat, since we knew this would be the last time we'd get the opportunity...on this trip at least!

At German Channel, we were hoping to get our third spotting of Manta!  We went down to the cleaning station and sat there for about 15 minutes and no sign of them.  I was thinking that this dive might be a bust, as far as seeing manta.  So our dive guide moved us along, and we saw the Feathertail Ray laying in the sand again.

After giving the manta a break for a while, we went back to the cleaning station, and just as we got settled, the most beautiful manta came swimming in.  I have a really good video of this one.

We ended the dive with the divemaster showing us the most breathtaking hot pink anenome I have ever seen.  There is even a cute little clownfish protecting his home.  What a great dive!!

During the surface interval before our second dive, at Big Drop-Off, Dan and I were enticed by the color of the water, and decided to go for a little snorkle. 

Our guide told us that sometimes you see black tip reef shark while snorkling there, so of course we grabbed the camera.  We did see a shark, but the pic below is my favorite photo from the snorkle.  I was in the water first, and a few minutes later when Dan jumped i, and the fish just went crazy.  They were everywhere, and I got this shot.

Big Drop Off was one of the most beautiful wall dives that I've ever done.  It was a great place to practice underwater photography.

And of course, the last dive of the Palau leg of our trip....BLUE CORNER!!!  It was definately Sharks Galore!!!  Of course we saw other things, but compared to all the sharks, it really isn't worth mentioning.

After diving that day the majority of us went and at dinner at the Taj, an Indian Restaurant in downtown Koror.  It was FANTASTIC!!!

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