Monday, April 11, 2011

Palau Day 6

On our sixth day of diving we headed to Virgin Blue Hole, followed by Blue Corner and then ended with a dive called Dexter's Wall.  This day started out kind of dark and dreary, and it was raining really hard when we got to our first site, the Virgin Blue Hole.

At this dive site, you drop down a hole to about 100 feet, and then you swim through a large tunnel for probably another 100 feet or so until you come out and you finish your dive along the wall.  A few of us were kind of anxious about doing a tunnel that long, and decided at the last minute to forego the tunnel and just stay along the wall.  I was part of the group that "chickened out" of the tunnel experience, whereas Dan and a few others went in.

After the dive talking with Dan and the others, I am SO GLAD that I didn't go the tunnel route.  Mike, another guy we were traveling with, termed the dive the Virgin Black Hole because it was BLACK inside and you couldn't really see anything.  I'm sure it's a lovely dive when the sun is out, and you can see the exit through the tunnel, but this was a cloudy and rainy day.  I definately enjoyed my panic free dive along the wall.

I didn't bring my camera on that dive, since I was worried about the tunnel and didn't want anything else to have to think about.  I also didn't bring it on the Blue Corner dive that was next because I didn't want to be "that diver" that always uses their camera.  However, it was a spectacular dive, and afterwards I wished I would have had it.

I did bring it along on the Dexter's Wall dive.  I had dove this site before when I was in Palau, and knew there was a good chance of seeing turtles.  And we saw some of the most beautiful HawksbillTurtles.  The markings on them were just amazing.  A few even had Remoras attached to them, and didn't seem to mind at all.

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